findr personal


findr personal loads all (up to 500) of a flickr user's pictures and displays the tags in a tagtree. The initial load is painfully slow. Log in, then go out for a bite. Approximately 1 minute/100 pictures over high speed connection. But, once it loads, there is more info to visualize than the other versions of findr.




explore all the pictures on flickr using related tags.


findr advanced


same as findr but with controls (tag spam reduction, sorting) you don't really need.


info and demos


An info page on findr. Links to a trailer I made of findr for FlashForward awards: swf (17MB) quickTime (29MB). 45 seconds, stereo sound




contact: tagtree [at] gmail [dot] com

blog: forestandthetrees.com


(c) 2006, doug marrttila